Why Is Sleep Important For Mental Health?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Where to even begin?

Sleep lays the foundation for everything that happens while we are awake. I know for a fact if you do not sleep well, it will catch up to you.

So here I will run down why sleep is important for everyone’s mental health. By the end of this post, I guarantee you will feel more confident that you will wake up each day feeling rested and ready to go!

What Happens While We Sleep?

Our bodies work even harder while we are sleeping than when we are awake. While we sleep, the human body is still working. Obviously, our brain tells our heart to pump blood, and we still breathe. But it gets a lot more complicated than that. Our body does amazing things while we sleep to recover from the day. Examples include: adjusting our metabolism, digesting our food, and keeping our circadian rhythm on track. Human beings are creatures of habit; especially when it comes to sleep. When I say circadian rhythm, I mean our body’s internal clock. We go to bed and wake up at certain times. Now, when that rhythm gets thrown off, negative effects can result.

Quality Of Sleep And Mental Health

I am sure you already know this, but the quality of sleep has a huge impact on mental health. The problem is there are so many reasons that someone can get a bad night’s sleep. How often do you hear “I got a great night’s sleep!” as compared to “I got a terrible night’s sleep!”? I find myself saying the latter more often. One reason someone might not sleep well is the most obvious: a sleep disorder. The most common sleep disorder: insomnia. Basically, meaning that you just can’t find sleepy land. And if you do, you can’t seem to stay there long. All jokes aside, it affects a lot of people, myself included. Then you wake up the next day and feel like your sleepwalking. If everything I just said about insomnia rings true, let me offer an escape to sleepy land. Six Steps To Sleep does the best job that I have seen at producing the best quality sleep consistently. I know six steps sound like a lot but I promise that those steps combined take only minutes. Too many people suffer from insomnia around the world. Life is hard enough when we are awake, isn’t it? Without a good night’s sleep, we are already waking up behind.

How Do I Know If I Have A Good Sleep Routine?

I could go on and on about sleep and its importance, but I feel like that would bore you. Everyone knows sleep is important. So I thought I’d ask a question that might not be as clear. I have a way of doing that. Anyway, the answer to this question is relative. The real answer is eight hours. The real answer is based on age and just how you tick. On average, younger kids need around ten hours and adults need about seven to nine. Part of a sleep routine is how you sleep. On your back? On your side? The quality of your mattress? All of which are very important. Believe it or not, how you actually sleep has a lot to do with your quality of sleep. If you are not comfortable while you are sleeping that can lead to snoring issues. Believe me when I tell you that while snoring does not sound like a big problem, it can become one. That is why I am including an extra link to an incredible solution called Snoring and Sleep Apnea no more. Even if you have no other sleeping issues, snoring can be debilitating to your body’s recovery during sleep.

The Bottom Line

Sleep is such a delicate and beautiful part of life. At the same time, it is so very important to get the right amount of it. With too little, your body will simply not function. With too much, you are missing out on parts of life. The real bottom line is that we spend years of our lives asleep so that while we are awake we can make the most of our lives. Sleep must be prioritized because without sleep we do not even get a chance to live our best lives. With that being said, I am going to bed!

6 thoughts on “Why Is Sleep Important For Mental Health?”

  1. I always feel a lot better whe ive had a good nights sleep and also a sleep at the right time. Enjoying a whole day of daylight can work wonders. Unfortunately at the moment im on a insomniac mode so ended up not waking up until 5pm. Need to try and start burning myself out and getting to sleep earlier but it can be a nightmare.

    • Sleeping really can be a nightmare I totally empathize with that. I went to England a year ago during the height of the pandemic in the United States and I got maybe a handful of restful nights in three months. That is why I recommended those sleep programs because sleep is just so important to our quality of life. It is also so hard to sleep because of distractions late at night. I know I can scroll through my tv, computer, and phone and that makes it harder to drift off. With sleep, consistency is key!

  2. I know of some people that can cope with only 3-4 hours of sleep per day. I wish I were one of them. I usually need around 7-8 hours of sleep per day to function properly. I also noticed that my throat is sore every morning when I wake up, which means I might be snoring. If I can find a natural solution to help me with my snoring, I will take it without a doubt.

    • Hi! The programs that I recommended are very natural and they are concerned with consistency. Also for your sore throat, one of the best things to do when you wake up is to drink water before you eat or drink anything else. Water helps your body flush itself out and helps your body feel energized. I hope that you find consistent and restful sleep! We all need it every night.

  3. Yeah, I like sleeping! Fortunately sleeping is one of the few things I don’t struggle at all. 
    I try to respect a sleep schedule so that I can wake up in the morning fresh and rested, but it’s not always so easy, especially when it’s too hot like nowadays or when you have too many thoughts in your head. One bad habit I should quit is scrolling my social media dashboard, and I get to late hours. 

    Thank you for the interesting article!

    • Hi! I like sleeping too! I’m glad to hear that you can sleep with no problem! So true! So so many distractions! I plan to write a post all about sleep distractions too because there are just so many. I have that same habit! Sometimes it’s hard to calm my mind or I’m just not comfortable for some reason. One remedy that might help with social media scrolling might be to put a reminder on your phone calendar and set it for every day that tells you to put the phone down and get ready for bed. Thank you for your comments!


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