What Is The Importance Of Mental Health? Why Talk About It?

This post will really get at the crux of what we are talking about here. So I had a rough day today. I didn’t sleep great and I struggled to stay motivated. I also had a bunch of interviews today and that, as you can imagine, was very stressful.

I think I made my point. Life can hit you pretty hard, pretty fast.

Starting this website has been very therapeutic for me. This space is safe for everyone. The importance of mental health is in us!

Talking About Mental Health

Why talk about mental health if the importance of mental health lies in each person? Because sharing experience and having open communication is so important! Conversations and dialogues are vital to the continued empowerment of the mind. With an openness to new experiences and emotions, we become closer together. And I can guarantee to all of you that we are so much better together than apart.

The Importance Of Mental Health

I mentioned the importance of mental health lies in each individual. Let me explain. Each person has feelings, right? Emotions, thoughts. All of those attributes are consistent to everyone, but no one processes them the same way. So to understand someone else’s point of view you have to be able and willing to put in the effort. That effort involves empathy. Mental health is not quantifiable. Mental health cannot be categorized. It is different for everyone. But we all are looking for similar things like love, happiness, security, and so much more. We all take different avenues to fill those needs! That is empathy. I am different from you, but I understand you. That is so powerful. Validation and acceptance.


Consistency is key. I am sure that you have heard this before. So if consistency is key, how do you get to get to consistency? In other words, what is the key to consistency? That might be a harder question to crack. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. That is much easier said than done. What if you did not have to fake it? That is where Neurofuel comes in. This product is two natural capsules a day with no side effects or issues and completely revolutionizes the vitamin industry. That is what this product is, a high-end vitamin.  If consistency is key like everyone says then we need to do what we can to keep moving forward.

The Bottom Line

This will be a quick bottom line because I want to keep this complicated topic simple for today. The importance of mental health is all about the individual. And we talk about mental health for the collective. With mental health being a central part of the person and being talked about openly in a consistent way, there is no stopping our sharp minds!


4 thoughts on “What Is The Importance Of Mental Health? Why Talk About It?”

  1. Thanks for explaining the importance of mental health. I agree that mental health tends to be overlooked, especially by people who work at corporates. This is the first time I heard that you can use medicines to improve your mental health. Is it effective? Due to stress in my work, I may need some help from medication, if possible. Thanks

    • Hi! You can use medication but I would advise talking with your doctor about it first because most likely they will not advise medication right away. But stress in the workplace is so prevalent for sure. There are multiple medications that you can even get at a store like Walmart that can help with stress and anxiety. 

  2. Mental health is everything!  It literally is our lifeline and if that’s not healthy, we’re not healthy!  Physical health is one thing, but if our minds aren’t at a sound enough level to keep us independently functional then it’s impossible to become a more complete person!

    Keeping our minds sharp is essential.  “The day we stop learning is the day we die” is a rather famous quote by Michael Scott.

    And he is right!  Among those who keep their minds sharp for the sake of their mental health, there’s clear evidence they live their lives with considerably more fulfillment as opposed to those who don’t.  Conversations with them are lively, as the interaction level is considerably more engaging than dealing with someone whose mental health clearly isn’t there.

    • Hi! Mental health is everything and I love that quote! I loved the show too. You hit the nail right on the head keeping our minds sharp is an essential part of life. Our mind, just like our body, needs to be nurtured so it can grow.


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