What Is Mental Health Therapy?

Mental health and therapy are very closely related. I talked about stigmas revolving around mental health in a previous article. There are so many stigmas revolving around therapy as well.

Therapy helps so many people every single day. However, there are so many reasons that people do not want therapy.

In this post, I will explain what therapy really is and why therapy is so helpful. Plus, I will reveal how therapy is evolving.

What Is Therapy?

Therapy is the process of betterment by the unpacking of the mind. Let me explain in more simple terms. Therapy allows you to be yourself and guarantees the absence of judgment. So many people do not want to be themselves because they feel they will be belittled for it. Therapy really can be whatever you want it to be! It can be as simple as you venting to someone. It can be as complex as going back and unpacking your whole existence. I exaggerate, but you can understand my point. This is powerful. Every single person has the capacity to be their best.

Reasons To Not Utilize Therapy

None! Then why would people not utilize therapy if their mental health is struggling? There are reasons for that. I have already talked about one. Other people might judge or wonder why you go to therapy. This can defer people greatly. Another reason is the expense. Going to therapy costs money that some people might not be willing to spend. Some people might not have that money. So I offer to those people a much cheaper alternative. Activate the self-healing process within you is a service that brings therapeutic change to you. This program offers affordable therapeutic lessons that really dig deep into the healing process. The mental health process is a long-term one, and it requires long-term nurturing. Sometimes not wanting to engage in therapy can be simply because it is scary. I get that. It is scary and I will explain why.

The Unknown

Probably not my most sensitive title, but an important one nonetheless. Therapy is an uncomfortable and unfamiliar procedure. It takes a lot of bravery to step into this enterprise. But life is not about staying in your comfort zone. It is so hard to break out of it because it is well, comfortable. We like comfort! But the biggest growth and developments take place outside of comfort. Learning something new takes place outside comfort. What does it take then, to jump out of the comfort zone? Confidence and belief! You can do anything that you dream to do. Sometimes confidence can be broken, which is why I have found another resource for you. Aptly named, Unbreakable confidence. This guide will prove to you how worthy you are. That there is nothing that can break you. This is the evolution of the therapeutic practice. It is now so much more than talking to one other person. That is still great don’t get me wrong. But there are other options.

The Bottom Line

Embrace the unknown! If you have received therapy before you know that there is more to it than what I have said. No worry, there are more posts to come involving therapy. For now, please believe me when I say that therapy is an admirable and helpful enterprise. I will give you an example. When I started this site, I did not know if I would ever succeed in helping people. I just believed. And I believe in all of you.

2 thoughts on “What Is Mental Health Therapy?”

  1. I suppose one of the other reasons that people would not go to mental health therapy is because they don’t believe that they have any mental issues in the first place, but in reality, everyone is carrying around some or other mental garbage, which will probably help them if they get it out in the open.

    Slowly the stigma attached with receiving help with mental issues is breaking down, as more and more people are going down this avenue, as they realise that mental health therapy is something that can benefit all.

    • Hi! So true! Sometimes it is not about realizing you are not alone but it is realizing that you do not have to do it alone. Sometimes just talking to someone does so much. It definitely can benefit everyone because as you said everyone has something going on.


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