What Is Mental Health Day?

I apologize I am a week late but I had to make this post.

Mental Health Day is observed on October 10th each year as a way to raise awareness of the issue of world mental health.

This post is dedicated to everyone that has struggled with their mental health at any time in their life.

What Is the Significance?

World Mental Health Day and its significance and importance cannot be overstated because of the magnitude of people that struggle with mental health. Having mental health issues does not necessarily mean that you have a disorder. But that does not mean that if you don’t have a disorder that everything is perfect. That line can get a little complicated as you might see. That is why many people who struggle with mental health sometimes have difficulty asking for help. Or they want to ask for help but do not know where to turn. That is the significance of mental health day.

What Exactly Happens?

Like I said, the main objective is to raise general awareness. But of course, many special events take place every year that are meant to raise awareness in a positive group setting. These can range from anything from suicide prevention to mental health days and anything in between. The main goal is to show that we care right? This can be a really cruel world sometimes. Life is really hard! We can help make it easier on each other on this day. It does not have to be anything specific. It can be as simple as just saying “Hey everything is going to be okay”. Or “You want to talk”?

What Happens After?

What if we did those simple things not only on Mental Health Day? What if we asked those simple questions just to see if someone was okay when we felt the need? Many times we come up with reasons to not ask those questions. “Oh, it isn’t my business”. “I am sure everything is okay”. Some of the time everything is okay. But some of the time the people that need someone to talk to either are denying that to be true or are too scared to directly ask for help. World Mental Health Day, like many other days dedicated to a topic, is meant to be a benchmark for how we should always be in regards to that topic. It is about showing to people that you care about and even total strangers that we are all in this together. Mental health is different for everyone, but mental health is a unifying idea. Just doing a little bit more will make a huge difference in the mental health of yourself and the people around you. Awareness is everything and World Mental Health Day is a great way to exemplify that.



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