Mental Health Wellness Activities: Activate Your Mind

Achieving sustainable and fulfilling mental health and wellness is complicated and different for everyone.

Now there are so many different activities to activate your mind but in this post, I am going to run through a couple of activities that you can do every day and some more specific examples.

Plus, I will reveal how mental health activities can really be beneficial in whatever situation you are in.

Mental Health Vs. Mental Wellness

Mental health consists of how we feel and how we live our life. It is the energy that we project into the world. This is similar but different to mental wellness, which is simply the absence of mental illness. Mental health and mental illnesses are similar though in that they are both affected by daily life. Mental wellness could be said to be a necessary but insufficient condition for mental health.

Activities For Mental Health And Mental Wellness

To start, activities such as getting adequate amounts of sleep, eating healthy, and exercising all provide great benefits to your mental health and promote wellness in your mind. These might seem obvious, that is probably because they are. But many people do not meet these goals and they are very good places to start. Now you might be saying, Nick, I already know all of this. Okay well, I bet you did not think of these mental health-boosting activities. This family-friendly game is fun and educational for kids and also entertaining for adults, not just because their kids like the game. SKYJO is different than other card games as 8 people can play it and it is extremely fun for all. Another fun mental health activity that I personally enjoy

Why Is This Important

Mental wellness and mental health are like two peas in a pod. One without the other will not produce the best version of yourself possible. The most specific mental health and wellness tip is actually the most simple. Acknowledgment of the difference between the two. Just because you might not have a diagnosed mental illness does not mean that you are mentally healthy. Mental health is a constantly changing phenomenon that cannot be satisfied by doing just one thing. That is why I recommended multiple different ideas because to be the most helpful you have to cover the most areas.

The Bottom Line

Mental health activities can be absolutely anything that you can think of that you enjoy doing. I mentioned before that mental health and mental wellness are very complicated and different for everyone. The bottom line is that mental health and wellness are what you make of them. It is imperative to take care of your mind and reach out for help if you are not mentally well. Mental health goes off this by taking your mental stability to everyday life. Lastly, mental health activities do not have to be thought of as “mental health activities”. It is all about enjoying life the most you can by doing what you enjoy and trying new things to expand your view.

6 thoughts on “Mental Health Wellness Activities: Activate Your Mind”

  1. Mental health is so important. Sleep is the foundation of everything I think. Yoga, meditation (especially transcendental) also help. Also just taking care of things goes a long way. By that I mean, taking time to organize your life, pay your bills, put things away. This is not what people usually think of when they think of self-care but it just as important as a spa day or a massage.

    • Hi! Sleep is so important! I mentioned dreams a little more in-depth in my post but sleep deserves a whole post to itself! We spend a significant portion of our lives sleeping and our bodies are so active during that time. Taking that time to take care of your responsibilities and our needs is everything. Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. Being in Parkinson’s club, I deal a lot with mental health and wellness. I never thought about playing games would help me focus on bringing my mind back. I tend to do better when I’m more physically active. Are there some games I  can play with family or friends that help build mental health and wellness?

    • Hi, and I hope you are doing well. Being physically active is great too! Some games with your family could be maybe playing a sport with them! Sports require a lot of focus and awareness and they are great to do with the family! And some sports also do not require nearly as much physicality such as cornhole or table tennis. I hope this helps and have a great day!

  3. I often find that just by getting outdoors and doing something physical can work wonders at clearing my head and boosting my spirits. even just something like the short walk to the local grocery store and back again can work the trick. Although, often the problem can lie in the motivation to get going.

    • Hi! Yes, absolutely and motivation is a big part of mental health. Sometimes you have to find that deeper strength that pushes you forward in difficult times. I will definitely be going deeper into that!


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