How To Invest In You!

Investing in yourself might sound like a weird concept. Let me explain.

When you think of the word ‘invest’ you probably think of investing in the stock market. That actually is one way to invest in yourself because investing in yourself is all about planning your future. Investing in yourself in more simple terms means taking care of yourself. But how do we do that?

Taking Care Of Yourself

I cannot stress this enough. Taking care of yourself is the unquestioned best way to invest in yourself. Let’s break it down. If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot pursue your passion. If you cannot pursue your passion, you cannot fulfill your passion. If you cannot fulfill your passion, then you aren’t fulfilling your full potential. Now that we have that taken care of, let’s talk about how to actually take care of yourself.


Everyone is unique therefore everyone has to take care of themselves a little bit differently. That means that while we all have the same needs we have different ways of going about fulfilling them. And we all have different wants and desires too so surely we are doing different things to fulfill them too. Why am I telling you this? Because there are too many people in the world that do not embrace uniqueness. Embracing your uniqueness is such a hard thing to do because while we live in an individualistic world it can be easy to just want to be like everyone else.

How To Invest In You

If you take one thing from this article then take this paragraph. I want you all to go deep down in your heart and think to yourself “What am I passionate about”? Boom right there you have already invested in yourself. The sad reality of the world is that most people do not even do that. This will be a long series of posts because investing in yourself is a long process so there is more to come. But the first step to investing in you is embracing that you are the only you there is and will ever be. Think about that, like really think about that. Isn’t that amazing? Now the second step is to ponder your passions. Now, remember, your passions are not binding. You can do whatever you want to do. That is why I am providing a link for a book called The Purpose Driven Life. This book dives deep into how your life is meant for amazing things. Everyone is unique and therefore everyone can do something amazing in this world and I do mean every single human being.

The Bottom Line

Investing in yourself comes down to those two questions and using those two questions to take care of yourself. If you are struggling I plead with you to do this today and I guarantee you your motivation will begin to climb. Keep posted on the next steps on investing in yourself and sharpening your mind.

2 thoughts on “How To Invest In You!”

  1. It’s one thing to exercise the body, but when the mind isn’t keeping up with the exercises it deserves, it will be in vain!  Just as important as it is to invest time and money into whatever matters most to us, so is the case with investing our mind into activities to keep it sharp.

    • I could not agree more! The body and the mind are connected so deeply that only exercising one without the other puts a limit on our potential. 


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