How can Fast Food Affect Mental Health?

We all love to eat a burger and french fries. Like I said before I love to eat! During my last semester in college, I ate fast food at least twice a week.

Doing this raised my blood pressure and cholesterol, but it also damaged my mind.

As you can probably imagine, I gained weight pretty quickly. When I am in worse physical shape, I have a lot less energy. In this post, the association of fast food with mental health will become a lot more clear.

Why Do We Like Fast Food?

It tastes really good! Sometimes that burger tastes like a gourmet meal. Alright, let’s jump into the main reasons so I stop thinking about eating a burger for dinner tonight. That leads right into my first reason. Fast food is so convenient! If you do not feel like cooking and want something cheap that leads right to the drive-thru. People are also busy with other things like their job, family, and leisure activities. Sometimes it seems like there is no other option other than a burger and fries!

Fast Food And Mental Health

You might be thinking, what does any of this have to do with mental health? Eating too much fast food has a lot of negative effects on our bodies. Remember that physical health has a lot of overlap with mental health. Mental health depends on physical health and vice versa. I remember having a lot of fun getting fast food with my friends though. We would go to the drive-through and we had a lot of laughs and I felt pretty darn good while eating the food. It was a great way to be social and be close with people, convenient and inexpensive meals whenever we wanted to. Fast food locations are everywhere too. I have also seen about three fast-food commercials since I started writing this article. Now while I was eating the fast food I felt fine physically and mentally. But over time that changed. The big lesson here is that everything needs to be moderated. I still enjoy a big juicy burger and fries once in a while. But now I have learned that fast food, just like everything else, has to be moderated.


Everybody has different needs and there is no way I could ever know exactly what you need in each moment. That is what I mean by balance. During that semester I really enjoyed eating the food, but I lost my balance in my mind and my body. I did not go to the gym or eat healthy on other days when I did not eat fast food. So how does fast food really affect mental health? That answer depends on balance. Balance is the key and there is really no way to quantify balance. That is what makes the challenge of keeping your mind sharp such a difficult one. Your needs are always changing, and no two persons’ needs are ever the same. We all need the same things, but when, how, where, and why are different. Usually, I have affiliate links to amazing programs, books, and sites that have helped me in the past. Not today.

The Bottom Line

Fast food and mental health is probably not a combination that you expected to read about today. And I must say it was a difficult one to tackle. I felt obligated to try though because fast food is such a big part of the food industry and let’s face it, almost everyone eats fast food once in a while. There are good things about it! Sometimes it’s rewarding, and even healthy, to take a cheat meal. And eating something is more than not better than nothing if you only have a second for lunch. The big picture here is to find your balance. I can promote all the things that I wholeheartedly believe are helpful to you that I want, and I will. But when it comes to your personal balance in life, that is all from inside you. That comes from you and you alone. Enjoy your fast food and other indulgences once in a while, but remember moderation and balance is critical to keep your mind sharp.

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