Finding Your Passion: But How??

Everybody has something that they are passionate about. Everybody has something that they are passionate about.

But how does that passion turn into your career?

It sounds great! But how do we find that passion? How do we make money from it? Let us find out.

What Does Passion Feel like?

This is tricky for me because passion is hard to pin down. For me, I feel pure happiness and content when I do something that I am passionate about. One example is when I write these articles! I love doing this because I love to try to help people and to write. Passion is not something you can touch, see, or taste. You can feel it in yourself and feel it from others. Passion is strong and positive energy channeled into an activity.

What Do You Enjoy?

You can literally be passionate about anything. For example, you could be passionate about playing video games. How do you turn video games into a career? Practice and stream yourself playing those games. This is basically a two-step process. Find the passion, and monetize it. To find something you are passionate about, take the time to figure out what you enjoy. As I said, this can be anything. Everyone deserves to be able to make a living doing something they love. Being passionate is something that has to be worked for though. No one will hand you a passion, you have to find it, and if you are looking, it will find you. Here is my best recommendation for how to find and profit from your passion. Aptly named Profit From Your Passion, this program shows you how you can analyze your inner self to find your passions and monetize them. Remember, these things take time. Making these posts with affiliate links won’t make me money overnight. Everything is a work in progress and being resistant to giving up is essential for success.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Failure

Failure is a part of life. So much so that we fail more than we succeed. There is nothing wrong with this because failure is just success waiting to happen. One night, after months of hard work, things will start to come together. And it might look to others that success came overnight, but you will know that months of hard work were put into this. Failure is an illusion. There is no failure in the end for the hardworking and dedicated. The only reason you will fail at your passion is if you give up on it.

The Bottom Line

I will keep this one short and sweet. Find your passion, monetize it, and work work work. I know that you have the drive, will, and skill to do whatever you dream of. So many people either give up on their dreams or never even try. This is tragic to me because I used to be afraid to fail. I know that however long it takes for me to succeed that hard work and dedication make success inevitable. And it will for you too! Push your body and mind forward and look for passion and work at it and your success will follow.

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion: But How??”

  1. I also struggled to find my passion. So I approached it a different way. There were things that really made me happy when I did them. And I could do them consistently and not get tired of them. So, after thinking about this, I have found out that those things are my passion. I wish I would have discovered this earlier. But I am grateful that I have discovered this!

    • Hi Ann!

      I’m so happy to hear that you found some usefulness in this! I totally agree with you! When we are searching for the things we are passionate about they can sometimes be right in front of us. It’s also misleading sometimes because the word passion is hardly used in a plural way. We can have more than one passion too. 


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