Does Writing Improve Mental Health?

This sounds vague, but that is because it is supposed to be. Mental health is a very vague, but also very specific field.

People tick differently, and sometimes getting your thoughts on paper or a computer is therapeutic itself.

In this post, we will dive into the art of writing and its relationship to mental health.


Writing is an amazing thing! You can write anything you want! Think about the power that lies in that. You have total control of what information you put on that paper or screen. You cannot put a price on that. I love to write anything from basic events during the day, things I have to do, things I like to do, and things I want to do. Sometimes you get to a point while you are writing where you feel like you’re mind is on autopilot. You feel like the words are just flowing like a calm river that brings out you’re thoughts in a clear and inspiring way. This inspiration component to writing is directly related to the next component that can sometimes hold us back from writing.

Motivation and Consistency

How does anyone get good at anything at all? Doing it a lot and enjoying it helps even more. So since we are talking about writing and mental health let’s apply that theory to that. Firstly, if you like to write then that is a good start. Secondly, if you write a lot then you’ll get better at it and be able to benefit more from it. Of course, there is a flip side to that where you might not like to write. If so that is okay because obviously everyone likes different things. My response to that would be well how about you write about something you enjoy talking about? That is where motivation comes in. I think it’s safe to say that anyone would be more willing to write about something they enjoy talking about compared to something they don’t enjoy or are indifferent about.


Now to segway into what this article is really about. Passion and mental health are clearly connected because when we do things we enjoy, our mental health and physical health are improved. Now for those of you who are passionate about writing sometimes, actually most of the time, the hardest thing to do is figure out where to start. I will attempt to attribute this to a psychological or mental block. A process that is supposed to work for us but can work against us in times of uncertainty. This article and all of my articles are really about bridging your mental health with things you love and balancing it with things you don’t love but you have to do. For those of you who love to write but don’t know how to start here is my plan for you. How to Make Money Writing allows you to write about anything you would like to write about and love doing it and make some money doing it too! This opportunity gives anyone and everyone a chance to do something they love that has immense benefits for your mental, physical, and financial health. This is another way to keep your mind sharp and remember, we are all in this world together, and helping each other is everything.


4 thoughts on “Does Writing Improve Mental Health?”

  1. I actually spend a great deal of my day writing, which is great.  It stimulates the mind, which is important.  I’m a wordy type person, to begin with as I not only do a great deal of writing but also involve myself with a considerable amount of word playing games.  For me, when I’m not writing, I get bored.

  2. Thanks for this, as a writer I have some strong opinions about this. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you have to be passionate about what you write about. If it is a chore then that is when it becomes depressing and adversely effects your mental health. And I love your link to copywriting work from home jobs. 

    Have you used them? I am definitely going to look into this. 

    Many Thanks.


    • Hi!

      Doing what you enjoy doing is so important in whatever field you are in for sure! Yes absolutely! No one ever is going to have a good time writing something that they don’t care about. I personally have not used the link for myself but the only reason that I have not is that I am working and going back to school. SEO copywriting is a really fun enterprise but it does take time and effort. I definitely plan to use this link more seriously in the near future and I will be sure to let you know how it goes!


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