Breaking Mental Health Stigmas: Awareness is everything

Have you ever wondered why your feelings are not being validated in the workplace? Can all of your responsibilities be overwhelming?

Well if you feel this way let me know that you are far from alone. So many people go through their personal and work life wanting to be accepted as they are. These mental health stigmas are part of the wall that blocks people from expressing their true selves in their working life and their private life. I will reveal what is holding this wall up and how to make progress in tearing it down.

I will outline the most prominent mental health stigmas in our workplace lives, private lives, and social lives and reveal my cant-miss tip on how to live your individual life free of mental health stigmas.

What Is a Stigma And How Is It Related To Mental Health?

A stigma is a mark of disapproval placed on a person when that person is associated with a particular quality that is deemed to be below a certain acceptable standard. For example, when you are working trying to complete your tasks for the day and you are feeling overwhelmed, does your boss listen to your feelings or just tell you to “snap out of it”? That is a common stigma placed on mental health and anxiety issues, just snap out of it! If only it were that simple. Just snapping out of it is temporary relief at best. Negative feelings in any aspect of life do not just go away. If you are anything like me they build up and explode at the most inconvenient times.

Breaking The Stigmas

These stigmas can be really simple such as “you are crazy” to something really complicated like “people with mental health issues or illnesses are different”. These stigmas, while they use different words and phrases, convey the same demeaning information. That information at its core states that people with mental health issues and mental illnesses are not good enough. Now it might seem clear that this is wrong, but a lot of these feelings are implicit and not out in the open. So how do we begin breaking these stigmas against mental health? For starters, it is so very important to acknowledge and empathize with a person’s struggles. It is never as simple as it seems. We interact with people and act like our interaction with them is the only one they have ever had, maybe they were already having a bad day or maybe they are stressed about something at home. To empathize all you need to do is say “I am not you, but I feel you, I am giving the effort to understand you and I care about you”. As simple as this sounds, it means so much but it really is hard to say and it might sound weird. That is the stigma in action. It should not sound weird because it is a nice and considerate thing to say, so why would it sound weird? Because by simply showing you care and that you do not value this hypothetical person any less, you are doing your part to break these stigmas.

All The Areas Of Our Lives

Human beings deal with so many encounters in our daily lives. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the fast-paced, always doing something, and always in a rush to go somewhere. We are at work, we want to get home, we get home, we have been working, we want to go out with our friends. Now, what is the point of saying this? Well because it leads into my cant-miss tip of course. This time my cant-miss tip is really really simple. Are you ready? Awareness. That is it. That’s the tip. Okay, I’ll explain. Being aware of the stigmas against mental health and mental health illnesses existing already gives you all the power to defeat those stigmas. Try to understand other people’s points of view, and always be aware of these stigmas. For me, it helps to have a cue that keeps me aware. That cue is the Lokai Mental Health Cause Collection Bracelet.

No one is perfect and sometimes I forget to be aware too. Like I said it’s so easy. This beautiful bracelet is such a subtle but powerful reminder that everyone struggles with their mental health at some point. And these stigmas are a big reason why so this bracelet helps me remember to be aware.

The Bottom Line

To sum all of this complicated and confusing information up, being aware that these mental health stigmas exist is a critical first step to undoing their effect on people all over the world. Anyone can make a positive impact by simply just being aware and empathetic of the hardships that everyone goes through. Be healthy and happy!

8 thoughts on “Breaking Mental Health Stigmas: Awareness is everything”

  1. Great topic!  Mental health is always overlooked in our society today. Your Information was relevant on how people view anxiety disorder as if you can “snap out of it”  or compare it to a common cold, “it will pass” when it is a more severe problem, even unto death.  Education and empathy is the key to understanding such a broad topic on mental health and the services available.

    • Hi! You are so right! Empathy is so crucial because it means I am not you but I care about you. And there is always a resource out there whether it is a family member, a friend, or a co-worker even. Thank you so much for your comments!

  2. Mental health is a very important topic and something that many people want to avoid talking about. I think many people still think that somebody with mental issues, are mad, so they do not want to be associated with them. This makes one feel that you are being pushed away and ignored. And yes awareness is very important, just be aware of who and what is around you and how you might be able to help. Thanks for this reminder to be aware.

    • Hi! Thank you for your remarks you are spot on! Sometimes people might not understand or realize the depth of what someone is going through, so they distance themselves when that person really needs to be close to someone. Sometimes awareness is as simple as taking a deep breath and just really listening. 

  3. If there is something we need to keep in check is our mental health. When the mind is not in good condition, you will not think positively. For us to keep our minds safe, we need always to have time to rest after performing a task. We need to encourage each other and move together positively.

    • Hi! So true! Togetherness is how we can rewrite what mental health means and turn the stereotypes around. Strength in numbers no one is alone!

  4. Dear Nick,
    I hope you are doing great!
    Amazing article on mental health awareness. It is important to be aware and value our emotional well beings as well as mental health. Everyone experiences it, believe me! But we can share our feelings with our loved ones and friends and can tackle it.
    Looking forward for more such reviews!
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thank you so much for your comments! There is definitely a lot more coming! We do all experience it every day and every day brings new challenges! But we can always handle it together!


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