Mental Health Violence Statistics

Mental health and violence are often seen as two related terms. A lot of violent acts that are committed that we hear about are related to mental health in some way. In this post, I will explain why the key phrase there is acts that we hear about. In reality, most violent acts are not … Read more

What Is Mental Health Day?

I apologize I am a week late but I had to make this post. Mental Health Day is observed on October 10th each year as a way to raise awareness of the issue of world mental health. This post is dedicated to everyone that has struggled with their mental health at any time in their … Read more

How To Find Your Passion And Your Career

Feeling passionate about something is an amazing thing. Finding your passion and making it your career is more than possible! In this post, I will describe how you can find your passion and make a career out of it. What Does It Mean To Feel Passionate? Passion is an intangible feeling that really cannot be … Read more

Nature and Mental Health: Smell the Roses!

Sometimes in life getting out into nature is therapeutic by itself. Imagine anything from just going on a walk to hiking in the grand canyon. Nature does wonders for our mental health because just being immersed in nature can be therapeutic on its own. Why Is Nature Important? Think about the world we live in. … Read more

How Does Insomnia Affect Mental Health?

This post goes with sleep because I honestly cannot believe that I have only done one article on sleep so far. Insomnia is not uncommon at all, but that does not mean that it is not serious. I can speak from experience, insomnia is not only incredibly frustrating, but it affects our overall mental health. … Read more

Technology and Mental Health

Technology is everywhere and by this point, I think I have made it clear that mental health can be related to everything. Mental health is such a broad topic and technology covers a broad area as well. In this post, I will outline the relationship between two huge parts of our society today and how … Read more

Does Reading Benefit Mental Health?

I can think back to being in school and not wanting to read the books that my teachers and professors asked me to read. I am pretty much positive that I am not the only one that can remember feeling this way. But, I can also remember reading with my parents as a kid and … Read more

Does Writing Improve Mental Health?

This sounds vague, but that is because it is supposed to be. Mental health is a very vague, but also very specific field. People tick differently, and sometimes getting your thoughts on paper or a computer is therapeutic itself. In this post, we will dive into the art of writing and its relationship to mental … Read more

How To Invest In You!

What Mental Health Illnesses Affect The Most People?

Investing in yourself might sound like a weird concept. Let me explain. When you think of the word ‘invest’ you probably think of investing in the stock market. That actually is one way to invest in yourself because investing in yourself is all about planning your future. Investing in yourself in more simple terms means … Read more